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Perro De Presa Canario


Presa Canario Breeders find nothing more satisfying than producing a litter of quality Presa Canario Puppies that will develop into a solid working, a guardian & a great family pet.

We at Vigilant Kennels are dedicated to the preservation and further development of the Perro De Presa Canario. We continue to strive for only the best. Our focus is to produce a powerful, yet balanced Presa Canario with a very muscular body, good temperament & drive that is representing the work ability of the breed. The Real Presa Canario is very muscular, athletic and imposing. At Vigilant Kennels, we are striving to breed medium to large framed, healthy, athetic type, sound temperament, and high drive Presa Canario.

We are located in Beautiful Moriarty, New Mexico
just North East of Albuquerque

About Vigilant Kennels Family

I have recently moved to beautiful Moriarty New Mexico. Purchased 5 acres horse farm just for my wonderful dogs.
I currently have been in Presa Canarios for 10 years now.
I was 13 years old when I received my first American Pit Bull Terrier. I got into rescue, training & having a passion for canines, where I became a canine trainer & veterinarian technician. I got into American Bulldogs for 15 years before I found a passion in the Presa Canario. I currently am into showing, weight pull, obedience, agility & protection work.

I have had some outstanding dogs and I have had some sorry dogs. I know when breeding dogs you must try to breed the best traits with the best traits and with the bloodlines that cross the best. Then hope for the best! When this doesn’t work but you learn from your mistakes.

When Vigilant Kennels became interested in breeding Presa Canarios we began by contacting many different breeders, enthusiast & studying the breed.  We have learned a lot over the years and are appreciative to helpful and extremely knowledgeable people in the breed & for many fellow breeders. 

Please contact us at any time or stop by for a visit if you are in our area.  We are always happy to hear from everyone and love to talk about our dogs.


The Vigil Family 

505.358.1665 ~!~
Moriarty, New Mexico, USA

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